Tips to keep your commercial air conditioning cost down

Are you sick of overpaying for the A/C in your office? Consider these top recommendations to lower the price of commercial air conditioning. The professionals have made a few suggestions to help keep commercial air conditioning costs as low as possible. Why pay more? Look over it and begin saving!

Enhancing a system’s efficiency can lower expenditures for your company and peak energy demand, which will be advantageous over the long run. Even little temperature changes can save a lot of energy without sacrificing comfort levels in the area.

Invest in regular A/C Servicing

Make sure the unit is frequently serviced by a skilled, and experienced professional. This is arguably the most crucial action to keep your air conditioning bills low. Quality service includes everything, including performance testing and:

  • Changing any components that exhibit wear
  • Increasing fluid levels
  • All moving parts are examined, and cleaning is offered as necessary.
  • removing accumulated dirt from vents and other system components
  • inspecting and, if necessary, cleaning the condenser coils
  • confirming the thermometer’s accuracy
  • engine performance evaluation

The goal of a service is to ensure optimal performance, lower the risk of a breakdown, and extend your appliance’s life. When the performance is optimal, there is a very bleak chances of the appliance reaping more power and making huge bills.

Verify that your A/C system is appropriate for your space

It won’t provide the affordable performance required if your A/C system is too tiny to service your current facilities efficiently. Consult a professional if you believe your air conditioner isn’t the right size for your space.

Change the thermostat settings


The energy your A/C system consumes to keep your interior cool can be significantly reduced even with a one-degree rise in the thermostat temperature. Although a degree higher indoor temperature is unlikely to have much of an impact on your staff or clients, it might significantly impact your energy costs!

The fact that your air conditioner is almost done being useful is a major factor in why it could be unusually expensive to run. If you’re thinking about getting a new air conditioner installed or if you want to schedule a servicing with one of the skilled technicians, you can call or write an email to air conditioner vendor.

 Change your thermostat

While the ideal temperature for your environment will depend on how your occupants feel, we advise keeping it as high as you feel comfortable. Everybody wonders for the perfect temperature for the environment. By only adjusting a few degrees, you can save up to 10% annually. Every degree higher on the thermostat of your air conditioner may assist lower your operating costs even more. We advise setting it between 24-27°C.

Utilize blinds, drapes, and shades

repair air conditioner

Your air conditioner will have to work considerably harder if your room acts like a greenhouse and retains the sun’s heat. Install blinds or curtains, preferably light-colored ones, to block the sun, maintain the temperature of the space, and ease the strain on the air conditioner.

Window shades also help stop energy loss during the colder months, lowering heating costs and enhancing comfort. The Department of Energy estimates that 30% of a home’s heating energy is lost through windows. In the summer, heat gain can be reduced by up to 77% simply by using smarter management of window coverings.

Install solar power

One of the biggest energy consumers in commercial and office buildings is an air conditioning systems. Solar energy is a potent renewable energy source that can keep your AC running. In exchange, solar will result in cheaper energy bills for your company. Despite requiring a substantial financial outlay, solar energy will save you money in the long term by providing electricity at a far lower cost.

Switch off the air conditioning or utilize programmable thermostats

Yes, even though it may seem clear, many organizations have the bad habit of leaving the air conditioning on, especially at night. Remind the people in your building to use the AC with consideration. Ensure the AC is turned off when not in use or when the office is closed.

Use smart technologies to cut your energy bills and usage drastically. With the help of a smart thermostat, you can program your air conditioner to turn off when the temperature in the room reaches the appropriate level.

People frequently turn their air conditioners up as low as possible and keep them running all day, especially during the warmer months. Additionally, you may program a plan to have your device turn off after hours, saving you hundreds of dollars annually.

Adapt your system

Replace your old, overworked air conditioner with a newer model if you want to reduce your energy consumption and associated expenditures significantly. Exorbitant energy is wasted when systems are used over their recommended lifespans, typically 10 years. A more environmentally friendly AC unit can save your energy expenses by up to 20%, saving you thousands of dollars throughout the unit’s life.


The above tips can surely help in reducing the overall cost of using a commercial AC. This way you can keep the chill and ensure that AC runs efficiently.