Tips to Consider When Installing a Commercial Air Conditioner

Given the extreme climatic conditions of Australia, having proper air conditioning in commercial establishments is a must. Be it an office block, an industrial unit, a restaurant, or a retail store, a lack of proper air conditioning can impact business growth and goodwill quite significantly. Choosing the right commercial air conditioners is important for maximizing the comfort and efficiency of people using commercial spaces. It also helps boost business operations by minimizing the risk of losing customers and disrupting the smooth working of employees. With a wide range of commercial air conditioning systems to choose from, owners of such establishments can pick a unit that best matches their needs and their budget.

Need For Right Commercial Air Conditioning

Installing the right commercial air conditioner system is a major financial decision and one that impacts the success of the commercial establishment in various ways.  That is why it is imperative to choose the right system that offers expected outcomes and good value for money in the long run. Since every commercial establishment is different, it has different air conditioning needs. Being aware of these needs is essential for the owners of such establishments to choose the right commercial air conditioning systems. This ensures great comfort for both customers and employees using the establishment, which, in turn, helps promote business growth. Choosing the right air conditioner systems also helps to optimize energy usage and improve workforce productivity.

Tips to Consider for Choosing the Right Air Conditioner

People intending to invest in commercial air conditioning systems, need to consider a variety of factors to make the right choice. The most important of these factors include the following.

  • Type of Commercial Establishment

types of commercial establishment

It is important to learn about the type of commercial establishment where the air conditioner is to be installed. The type of establishment impacts the choice of size of the air conditioning unit. The air conditioning needs of hotels, retail shops, offices, and cafes are considerably different from those of factories, business organizations, schools, and malls. So, factoring in the type of commercial property is important for choosing the most appropriate commercial air conditioner systems for the same.

  • Size of the Commercial Space

Size of the Commercial Space

The size of the commercial space is another important factor to consider before installing an air conditioning system. This is because commercial properties of different sizes require air conditioners of different sizes to fulfill their temperature regulation needs. Using a large commercial air conditioner in a small space can result in a waste of energy. Similarly, using smaller-sized air conditioners in large establishments will result in putting extra load on the system besides causing uneven or cooling and short-cycling.

  • Condition of Ductwork

Condition of Ductwork

The owners of commercial establishments should verify the condition of their ductwork before installing commercial air conditioning systems. Inefficient or outdated ducts can cause airflow leakage reducing the efficiency of the air conditioner unit. It is also advisable to hire professional experts for checking the condition of the ductwork to get an accurate and honest assessment. Any suggestions about renovating or replacing the ductwork or making improvements or adjustments to the same should also be implemented immediately.

  • Internal Temperature of The Establishment

Internal Temperature of The Establishment

Considering the average internal temperature of the commercial establishment is also important for choosing the right air conditioning system. Establishments with a major heat source such as a kitchen or a furnace need a more powerful system as they have a relatively higher internal temperature. For such establishments, investing in a zone-controlled air conditioning system is a more beneficial option than choosing centralized systems that maintain a uniform temperature across the entire space.

  • Future Expansion Plans

To get the best value for money, owners of commercial establishments should factor in any future expansion plans as well as any intended changes in the layout of the space. This is essential to eliminate the need to revamp the entire air conditioning system when any of these intended changes are implemented. Factoring in this key aspect ensures that the air conditioning systems are installed with a scope for future expansion or modification and without causing waste of energy or resources.

  • Energy Efficiency Of The System

Energy Efficiency Of The System

The energy efficiency of the commercial air conditioning unit is an extremely important factor to consider before installing the same. This is because a highly energy-efficient system not only helps reduce the monthly bills but also proves to be extremely eco-friendly. Such units are designed to consume minimal energy and also emit relatively lower amounts of harmful gases. Even though these air conditioning units are somewhat costlier, the benefits they offer make them worth every penny.

  • Upfront Costs

Learning about the upfront costs of installing a commercial air conditioner system is extremely important. It provides an idea about the affordability of the system for the owners of commercial establishments besides helping them plan their budget accordingly. The upfront cost varies from one service provider to another and hence people should do proper research before selecting the one that matches their needs. The cost may also depend on the condition of the ductwork and the size of the space and the unit, which is why it is important to seek complete details about the same from the service providers beforehand.

Summing Up

Installing a commercial air conditioning system does not necessarily have to be stressful, frustrating, and expensive. By following the above tips before installing the system, users can choose the perfect air conditioner for their commercial space. Most importantly, it is important to hire only the best professionals in the field for getting the task done to get the best value for money.