HVAC Installation

Excellence in design, installation with integrity

HVAC Installation

Excellence in design, installation with integrity

Renown Services has been designing and installing commercial and industrial HVAC systems to meet the needs of our clients around Australia for over 35 years.

With excellence and the personal detail in our design work you can be rest assured that all our design comes with the highest of integrity.

All our HVAC design are bespoke to suit our client’s particular needs, their premises, their climate situation and their sustainability outcomes. All these elements are critical when it comes to our designs.

Our Design & Installations Team consists of:

  1. Qualified Engineers
  2. Plumbers & Gasfitters
  3. HVAC Technicians
  4. Estimators
  5. Draftsperson & ACAD Operators

Renown Services are your HVAC design and installation experts across the retail, heath, education, local Government, automotive, fitness and leisure, hospitality and food, office and the aged care industries.


We provide specialist design and installation in order to assign the most appropriate equipment to each individual user. An example of some of the products we offer are:

  • Packaged air conditioning units
  • Ducted air conditioning units
  • Split system air conditioning units
  • Energy recovery systems
  • Chillers and Boilers
  • Compressor sets
  • Built - up air handling units
  • Server room crac systems
  • Heater banks
  • Stair pressurization systems
  • Extraction systems
  • VRV and VRF systems
  • Fan Coil Units
  • Chilled and condenser water pumps
  • Cooling towers
  • Variable air volume systems
  • Air conditioning controls
  • Condensing sets
  • Exhaust and air fans
  • Cool and freezer rooms
  • Humidifiers / Dehumidification

We are a high end service provider for educational institutions, government facilities, retail spaces, shopping centres and other commercial facilities.